In Case You Were Wondering.

Shawn Kramer
Guitar / Vocals

Ben Kessel
Bass / Vocals

Hector Casillas
Drums / Synth / Vocals

Gila + The Monsters are a rock trio from Denver, Colorado. Tangling elements of blues, garage, surf and post rock they’ve created a boisterous and potent concoction. “We’re really just a bar band, but we’re trying really hard to make something that hits people in the chest, something fun, something that makes you want to stay up late.” Says Shawn Kramer, the bands guitarist and singer. It’s true that their live performance speaks with conviction, it's unrestrained and relentless, but one thing in particular stands out, juxtaposed in all the raucous. “I love every moment, and I'm anticipating the next. I'm stoked to share our music.” Hector Casillas, the man behind the drums, parades a continuous and contagious smile, proudly expressing his absolute pleasure in the task at hand.

Currently celebrating the release of their debut EP, IN CONTRAST, Gila + The Monsters are honing in on what makes them unique. "Putting together the EP showed us just how bipolar our music is," says Kramer. Indeed, their recordings and shows do have a mood swinging quality, frequently bouncing from the upbeat rhythms of surf and garage rock to dark and crushing interludes. According to Ben Kessel, the bands low-end anchor, “It's the formula that works for us. There’s only three of us. We have unique backgrounds, we're drawn to different sounds and insist on finding ways to work it all in." 

Their music has turned out to be an affliction that is difficult to self-diagnose. “I always just say ‘invest in a pair of earplugs!’ We’re not looking to come at this lightly. We’re loud. But I think if you do it right, loud is fun, you can feel loud, it has emphasis, loud sticks with you the next day.”

Photo Credit: Dave Purcell (

Photo Credit: Dave Purcell (